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Aupair in Holland is a company that specializes in sending South African girls aged 18 to 25 years old to Holland for a period of 12 months to work as an Aupair.

This is more of a cultural exchange whereby the girl will also receive pocket money for her time spent taking care of the children.

As a company we work hand in hand with Smiling faces in Holland. You can look at their website for more info.
They are now an official member on the International Aupair Association which is the biggest international Aupair organization and is recognized all over the world.

IAPA is an international community and trade association for experienced and qualified Aupair organizations that specialize in providing cultural exchange services. Member organization’s must meet firm business and ethical standards and in turn, agree to abide by IAPA’s code of conduct, which signifies competence, fair dealing and high integrity.

One of the advantages of being a member of this organization is that our Aupairs can enter into the Aupair of the year 2008. One of our girls from South Africa Chenay Garret has been placed in the final 6 candidates for the year.

On the Local front we run an agency called Aupairs Excusive. We place girls of all ages in local positions as Aupairs, child minders, night nurses and babysitters. The requirements for a local Aupair include a valid drivers license, your own vehicle, a matric certificate and previous experience in childcare. For more info you can go to